The West Marches

Session 1

Adventure Write Ups

Vet, the Warforged Druid Cleric

Reporting to Kifli-
Day 1
It took us about a day to reach the tower they said the adventurers went off to, but there was only one there. Not a particularly worthy one either. The bastard slaughtered Nature’s generous gifts. I tried to stop his mockery once and for all, but they were able to restrain me. I will take care of him soon enough. The mercenary you assigned seems to be respectful enough, but he’s no true devotee. Ah yes, and the fool seems to have summoned… something, but it left soon afterwards. The heathen plans on going back to the village to purchase something, so we must sleep. When arrive I will leave you what I have written so far, and I will record what I can tomorrow.

Day 2
Fortunately, we stopped by a forest today. I quickly grew tired of seeing humanoid bastardization of Nature’s terrains. But I am getting ahead of myself. Today we are simply heading northwest. They plan on mapping the area, and I offered to take over so I may send you an even more detailed record. The rain was heavy so we were not able to go as far, but we will get there eventually.

A wyvern woke us in the middle of the night. Damned, magically-tainted abominations. We took care of it. I did not know they inhabited the area. The abomination tore down trees on the way to us, and most likely slaughtered an unholy number of beasts. All the more reason to create a record. We will stop heathens from desecrating life.

Day 3
I made the acquaintance of two scythe leopards this morning. They were eating the insides of the wyvern, while our simply touching it was enough to poison us. Interesting. It seems there is much more we need to know before we truly know enough to save Nature. After the other two woke up, we discovered a lake, with the help of the two leopards. Strangely the lake seemed to be filled only with blood, and covered with undead. We had to leave as it was watched over by a beholder. I think I have had my fill of abominations. The forest is in need of a purge. We later returned to the village, because the heathen wishes to combat something we encountered before; a large stone man, not unlike me, aside from the stone. Were you its creator as well? He says we will go back to mapping after we defeat the machine. Tonight we sleep in the village. Since we are already here, I will again leave you what I have observed so far. I will make sure to report on the stone man.



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