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Welcome to The West Marches!

This is the main page, from which you can find links to most other relevant pages in this wiki. Most things will be outlined as clearly as possible, and you should have access to any online resources you could need, but don’t be afraid to head over to the forum if there are any questions about how this world will be run.

Some things that might be different

As most people who play 5e know, it’s always easier on the DM and the players to be lax about the survival rules (i.e. Food/water intake, climate, marching order/distance, exhaustion). This will be run a bit stricter on those rules, but in a way that doesn’t sacrifice adventure for a numbers game. At least not in an unsafe way. Wouldn’t want a TPK.

What Do I Mean By This?

Unless a character explicitly states so, the DM will be operating under the following assumptions-

  1. For each days rations that you prepare in advance (Max of 3), it’s assumed that you consume a days amount during periods of downtime throughout that day. After 3 days, it’s on the characters to figure out what to do about food.
  2. In hotter environments, the assumed intake of water will be adjusted so that it is enough to sustain you. This could mean you running out faster than intended, and, if you weren’t to specify, a situation your character would only be aware of when they went for a final sip and found their waterskin to be empty.
  3. At night you take the time to doff your armor and sheath your weapons. This also goes for anyone on guard unless you describe your actions as donning your armor and keeping your weapon nearby.

Another Thing! (Unrelated)

Your character has likely picked up on a number of rumors in their time. These will be made known to your character and will be shared only if you choose to do so. As trustworthy as you would like to think your sources are, proceed with caution. Speaking of Characters.

No, Actually, You Didn’t.

This is a rant

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~And May The West March On.

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