Character Death

Running Death Count: 1

  • Vet, the Warforged Druid Cleric

What to do-

  1. Understand that your character is dead, and only in-game resurrection or something of the like will bring them back, not DM fiat.
  2. Your characters death functions like actual death. Their body doesn’t discorporate, and their stuff stays where it is unless tampered with.
  3. You now have two paths
Path Number One
  • This is the “My character died mid-session” path
    Your character is dead, and you need more options on the fly. As such, a number of things can happen-
  • Close to town still? Already have another character entirely rolled up? Great. If you’re party wants to wait for you to make it to their position from the town, then have at it
  • Far away from the town? Don’t have another character rolled up yet? In either of these situations, be resourceful. Does your party have any allies of similar or lower power than themselves? Did they stubble upon a band of Kobolds and befriend one the small lizards? Maybe your party sorcerer has a horse, named horcerer? Does the party caster have a familiar, or the ranger a beast companion? Or do you have a rock with a smiley painted on it? Either way, these are all possible options for you to stay relevant throughout the session and earn experience that will go towards your character. Then Reference Path Number 2 for what to do post-session.
Path Number Two
  • This is the “My character died at the end of the session” path
    Your character died. Was it due to a trap, or an untimely explosion? Perhaps they fell to a ravenous swarm of beasts, buying their comrades time to escape the collapsing corridor? Or did they sacrifice themselves in a supernova of magic, raging against the hordes so that the artifact would remain out of the clutches of the Lich King? Or did they perilously scour a dungeon, only to fall unsuspecting prey to a misplaced ooze or a gelatinous aberration? Regardless of the circumstances, there’s little left for you to do in session. So…
  • Roll up a new character with the DM
  • When doing so, keep in mind a number of things-
  • New characters must be of a different race and class than your previous character
  • Loot comes from all sorts of places, including your previous characters now-deceased body.

Character Death

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